Max (spevack) wrote,

fosdem 2010, day -1

By the time I made it to the hotel, it was about 9:15 AM and I'd been up all night. I was very lucky, and they had a room for me, so I got myself settled, blogged, had some breakfast, and took a short nap.

Thursday was set-up to be an open day until the evening, when some other Fedora folks arrived and we went for dinner. I spent the day mostly catching up on the most critical Red Hat stuff that I missed while traveling, and adjusting to the time zone.

Jeroen was the first Fedora contributor to show up to the hotel, and he and I chatted for a while, until we met up with Gerold, Jens, and Sascha (who is new to the Fedora community, but an open source veteran).

The improved FUDCon planning process was a topic of discussion, and it's clear that we need to really do a strong publicity effort around this -- and probably give sessions at FUDCons about FUDCon planning, in a nice little example of recursion. The other item that is critical on my get-it-fixed list is the scalable and sustainable media production process in Europe. It doesn't surprise me that we have the same logistical issues everywhere.
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