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the future of fudcons

I think the best way to summarize our Fedora Activity Day from the past weekend is to simply list the pages that we did signficant work on.

Fortunately, Mel has already compiled this list, which I reprint here.

We created an umbrella page for
Premier Fedora Events, which is the term that we use for both FUDCons and FADs. (Both of those pages also received some love.)

From the perspective of FUDCon planning itself, we created a new FUDCon organization page, which will eventually replace the older FUDCon organization page. We're also working on a FUDCon bid process, which will make the choosing of FUDCon locatoins much more transparent and simple.

One of the most important pages that we created was the sponsoring event attendees page, which will be useful for FUDCons, FADs, and also general Fedora events, and everyone should read.

The other part of FUDCon was related to the FUDCon Live idea, which led to the creation of an audio/video kit that can be duplicated worldwide, as well as a FUDCon Live organizational process.

I was really proud of all the work that our small group got done this week, and I believe that it's going to go a long way to making FUDCons worldwide not only higher quality, but much easier to plan with more regional leadership and decision making.

Thanks to everyone who came to Raleigh for this event.

Also, watching Avatar in 3D on the IMAX screen was awesome.
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