Max (spevack) wrote,

final words from the fad

Everything that we are discussing at this event is being logged in #fedora-fad, and there are summaries of the meeting and action items generated for all to see.

I led an approximately two hour session in which we talked about the events that we want to do in EMEA next year, focusing mostly on the top-level events of FUDCons and FADs.

We're trying to create a short list of possibilities for FUDCons in EMEA in 2010, and then we can use some of the other cities with good resources as potential FAD locations.

At the moment, we're looking at (1) Zurich in Switzerland, (2) Milan in Italy, and (3) Utrecht or Delft in the Netherlands. Further discussions have to be had with Fedora contributors in each of those cities, and we need to list some pros and cons of each option.

The other trick is figuring out windows of time that might work for a FUDCon. If people have suggestions, please leave them in the comments and we will take it into account. There will be more public discussion about FUDCon EMEA before a decision is made.

The other proposal is to significantly reduce, if not eliminate completely, our presence at LinuxTag. No one at the FAD has any interest in making LinuxTag a premier event for Fedora once again. Gerold has said that he will not lead it next year, and we'll wait to see if anyone else steps up, but I don't see it as being anything other than a standard event, if that.

Outside of FUDCon EMEA and various FADs, we're looking at FOSDEM (led by Frederic Hornian and Bert Desmet) and Chemnitzer Linuxtage (led by Joerg Simon) as our two primary events for the year.

It is also incredibly important to me that we hold a large FAD somewhere in Northern Africa next year.

Other topics that we discussed in the afternoon included money and swag in the region (generally going ok, with a new swag tracker and plan to have an EMEA swag inventory page on the action item list), as well as ressurecting the Fedora Store EMEA idea, which Gerold has taken ownership of.

I had two excellent table tennis matches with Pierros and Gerold. Now we're all catching up on blogging & emails, starting to work on action items, and making plans for dinner at a pizzeria.

It's been a pretty good FAD -- we got some important work done, and I think we have been incredibly vocal on IRC and will have a very transparent meeting summary and action items, that other contributors in EMEA can help with. We've also had some heated discussions, but sometimes that's what happens between family.
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