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saturday morning @ fad emea

First things first -- here is the IRC log from Friday night's phone call with Paul Frields & Pam Chestek.

We slept in a German castle. That was pretty cool. I felt like one of the Hanoverians.

Everyone gathered together this morning, with fresh faces, fresh attitudes, and two additional members of our team. The final attendee list for FAD EMEA is 9 people.

Yaakov has done a fantastic job of being our secretary in #fedora-fad, which is where we will continue to log our meeting for everyone, and where MeetingBot will give us our action items. So far this morning, we have covered the following topics:

(1) What do we need from Red Hat? I led this session. First, I made some opening remarks reminding everyone of our overall strategy of building regional autonomy and leadership. It is not enough to just stand at a booth and smile. Ambassadors need to have goals of recruitment, teaching, problem-solving, etc. I also made a point of asking the same questions this year that I asked last year. The main actions that came out of the conversation were the need for an EMEA shipping account (similar to what we have implemented in North America), additional visibility and interaction between Red Hat employees in EMEA and the Fedora community, and to try once again to get discounts for Fedora contributors in Red Hat training courses, and this time to make them permanent. There were not really any complaints about budget, which was not surprising. I think that we are well-funded in EMEA, and worldwide. We are having a separate agenda topic about events & swag later in the day.

(2) Pierros led an excellent sessions about the growing Fedora community in Greece, as well as his proposal for an entry-level "Fedora Coffee" event, which can help build awareness and userbase in an easily repeatable, scalable, and inexpensive way. One of the most interesting things that Pierros said was that he recently met a large community of Fedora users in Greece who had built their own community, IRC channel, etc. without ever discovering what all of us think of as the "standard" Fedora collaboration tools -- the wiki, planet, mailing lists, IRC, etc. He's now working on integrating these two Greek communities, which makes everyone stronger.

(3) Joerg and Fabian led a discussion about the current status of mentoring within Fedora Ambassadors, as well as the various Trac systems that are being used -- FAMSCo has one, the North American ambassadors have one, and the EMEA ambassadors have one. Fabian also discussed the various scripts that exist, which help manage things like the Ambassadors-roster-by-country.

Each of these topics was obviously more detailed than my brief summary shows, and Yaakov will be getting the logs and MeetingBot output posted on the FAD EMEA 2009 page, and it will be distributed via Planet and fedora-ambassadors-list, where it will also end up in Fedora Weekly News.

Break time is almost over, so back to work....
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