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red hat summit, day 1 - max spevack's blog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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red hat summit, day 1 [May. 31st, 2006|04:23 pm]
[Location |nashville, tn]

Jeremy and I just finished the Fedora BoF (that's Birds of a Feather -- basically an open conversation and Q&A session). I was pleased with how it went. We touched on many of the usual topics, but with more discussion than we saw at the LinuxWorld presentation.

We discussed the philosophy of the Board -- the community transparency, leadership, and decision making that we are trying to promote from the top down. We had the usual mp3/nvidia conversation, but with a lot of open chatter back and forth between people in the audience, such that the entire room at times was having a Fedora/Open Source conversation, and we were just the moderators. We talked about Fedora incubator projects (sometimes called Fedora special interest groups), and the process by which any sort of project (coding or otherwise) can associate itself with Fedora.

I met a couple of different folks, including Mike McGrath, who helps out on the infrastructure team and also maintains a couple of packages in Extras.

Paul Frields and Bill Nottingham were in the house as well, so 4 members of the Fedora Board were present, as well as Jesse Keating, John Flanagan, Spot, and other Advisory Board folks.

Oh, and the DVDs made it, and were very popular.

I really enjoy standing up there and talking about the Fedora message, the Fedora goals, and the power of open source software and methods in general. I wish I had a more formal presentation of my own at the Summit, so that I could run through the longer version of the talk that GregDek and I have been polishing up over the past couple months.

Next time!