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fedora ambassador day emea 2009 gets started

Yesterday evening, Gerold and I walked to Switzerland with his dog. We did some initial thinking about how to handle the agenda, and keep things focused and on track. My idea was to open the floor up in 30, 45, or 60 minute increments for people to bring up their topics, and that by introducing a topic into discussion, you are taking ownership of that topic. We discuss various ideas and make decisions, and the owner is clear from the initial start, which is useful for online followup.

This morning, we both did our own personal work emails, and waited for folks to arrive. Joerg arrived first, and shared a few stories about the Ambassadors at OpenExpo the day before. By about 1:00, our group had expanded to four, with the arrival of Fabian. Gerold and I picked up Yaakov at 3:00, and he and Gerold went off to get some banking done, since Yaakov is now the treasurer of the EMEA non-profit organization.

As the afternoon progressed, I had a phone call with Robert in which we discussed some Fedora trademark-related stuff, and then I worked with Paul and Pamela Chestek to set up a phone call with a larger group of the EMEA ambassadors. That phone call will be at 9:15 PM CEST tonight, and the details are available in #fedora-fad.

More updates from Rheinfelden later on....
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