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fedora activity day emea 2009 pregame

Random coincidence: Michael Tiemann was on my flight out of Raleigh, en route to some meetings that he has in London and Paris. We had a chance to chat for a little bit, and he gave me his review of Cultivating Communities of Practice (as well as his copy of the book itself) which will give me some reading material for the flight home on Sunday.

I used my three hours of battery life on the plane to do a bit of email triage, to make notes about some Fedora and Community Architecture expenses that need to get filed in the next few weeks, to begin this blog post, and to do some general planning for what's important to the Community Architecture team over the course of the next month. We have about 5 months left in the fiscal year, and this is the time when we remind ourselves of the initial goals, and take stock of what we have achieved, and what work still remains.

I am unable to sleep on airplanes, so once my laptop battery died, I amused myself by listening to the Librivox recording of The Count of Monte Cristo, which has always been one of my favorite novels.

I'm now sitting at Gerold's kitchen table, trying not to fall asleep, and continuing to go through emails. The actual Fedora Activity Day will have a rolling start on Friday as people show up, be tremendously active on Saturday, and then conclude on Sunday.
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