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When Red Hat sent me to Europe back in early 2008 there were a few main goals on the list of things to achieve:

(1) Have more frequent interaction with our key community folks in the region.

(2) Make sure we start the habit of FUDCons in EMEA.

(3) Work with Red Hat folks in the region, and have a chance to spread the community/Fedora story to other parts of RH and to some customers.

(4) Help to find and develop new leadership in the region.

I've had a chance to spend some quality time with a lot of our long-time contributors in the region. We've organized events in a bunch of different countries, and those events were led by a wide variety of contributors. We have a lot of leaders in EMEA who are all taking care of the events and activities about which they are most passionate.

From the Red Hat side, I've had the opportunity to speak with customers or potential customers in the Netherlands, Russia, and Sweden. We've had FUDCons in Brno as well as in Berlin, and now the idea of an EMEA FUDCon is a habit that people can and will look forward to every year, and we're continuing to try to have more Fedora Activity Days in the region as well.

We've continued to see our contributors in the region grow -- particularly in Greece and in Egypt, both areas in which we need to invest more energy and resources, and we're going to continue to look for ways that we can spread Fedora into other parts of the region where currently our presence is lower.

There is always more work that we can do and more success that we can have, but I believe that our community in EMEA continues to grow, and continues to be strong, and I'm very proud of what we do in this part of the world, and very grateful for the friendships that I've formed.

All that being said, the Community Architecture team itself does a lot more work than simply Fedora, and while I will continue to play an active role both in Fedora and in Fedora's community in EMEA, the time has come for me to once again be based in Raleigh. At the end of August, I'll be leaving lovely Amsterdam and returning to the land of BBQ & sweet tea, but I won't be a stranger to our contributors in the Old World.

I found a very inexpensive plane ticket, which ensures that I will be in attendance at FAD EMEA at the end of September, and I expect that I'll also be at our EMEA FUDCon next year (which I will help organize) as well as a couple of our "primary events" for the year, which I'm sure is one of the things that will be discussed at the meetings in September.

Even though I'm going to be based out of the USA again, I will not forget, or ignore, the community that we have in EMEA. I will still come to the IRC meetings, I will still make a few trips a year to the region, and I will still do everything that I can to support our work in Europe.

It's been a great experience to live overseas for the past year-and-change, and I'll never forget it. I've been very fortunate, and I'm thankful every day for the wonderful Fedora people that we have not only in EMEA, but in every part of the world.
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