Max (spevack) wrote,

fudcon berlin, day 1 instant feedback

We're about two hours in to day 1 of FUDCon Berlin, and here are some thoughts:


* Jan Wildeboer's presentation: brilliant as always.

* Jeroen van Meeuwen's talk about Puppet in the Infrastructure Track. The room had about 50 people in it, and the energy carried over into Francesco Crippa's talk about Func & Symbolic.

* Fabian Affolter's talk about Fedora 11, which has a nice crowd and great looking content (it's in German).

* The FUDCon building, the decorations, and the organizational team.


* People who commit to giving talks, and then don't show up, without any word to anyone about it.

* People who complain when we hold standalone FUDCons ("we don't like to travel to an event only for FUDCon") and then also complain when we co-locate FUDCon at another event ("we don't like having FUDCon with another event, because it's too distracting"). Maybe we should just abandon FUDCons altogether for Fedora Activity Days.

* People who sign up for one size tshirt, and then take a different size tshirt, thus messing up our inventory.

* People who sign up for hackfests, and then don't show up for them.
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