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linuxtag 2009 (day 0) and fudcon berlin (day -2)

Tomorrow is the first official day of LinuxTag 2009. Here's how I spent my day today:

* I started the morning with a nice breakfast at our hotel, and then rode with Joerg Simon and Thomas Woerner to Red Hat's Berlin office, where we picked up signage and tshirts for FUDCon Berlin, as well as three demo laptops (thanks Dell!) and somewhere around 3,000 Fedora 11 CDs and DVDs.

* We made our way back to the hotel and dropped off the stuff that we don't need until FUDCon on Friday, and I had a chance to meet John McDonough, who made the trek all the way from Michigan for this week's gathering.

* Sandro Mathys, Gerold Kassube, Thomas, Fabian Affolter, and I went over to Messe Berlin and built up our booth for Wednesday - Saturday. It's smaller than last year, but that's a strategic decision because we're putting most of our focus on FUDCon (which is in its own building), and we hope to drive a lot of people from the booth to FUDCon, as opposed to having 100% of their interactions with Fedora take place at the booth. We're also making excellent use of a projector and a giant wall to enhance the Fedora experience. I'm sure there will be pictures tomorrow.

Things look pretty good over at Messe Berlin. The building that FUDCon will be in is used on Tuesday and Wednesday, but we peeked in and it looks like the setup will be great for us. Gerold and I made a trip back in April to check it out as well, but this is the first time we've seen it with all its furniture and set up for conference mode. There are a bunch of FUDCon signs all over the place that Messe Berlin created for us. I'm sure that mizmo will be disappointed to see that the font isn't quite right, but they still point people in the right direction.

* I bumped into Joe Brockmeier, who was setting up the openSUSE booth, and had a nice chat with him.

* I'm giving a talk on Fedora Electronics Lab on Friday, on behalf of Chitlesh who will not be arriving until late Friday night. He and I spoke on the phone and planned out our strategy for the talk. He walked me through his slide deck, and I suggested some places where I could say useful things, even though I don't know much about electrical engineering (having not done any of it since college).

* I had a three-hour dinner meeting with Gerold, Fabian, Jeroen van Meeuwen, and Paul Frields, in which we discussed a few issues that impact the non-profit group that the Ambassadors have set up here in EMEA to support the mission of the Fedora Project.

* After dinner, I chatted a bit more with Paul and Jesse Keating, and then triaged a bit of Red Hat email and wrote this blog post.

See you all tomorrow. Highlights include a little talk by me at noon (an introduction to FUDCon for the general LinuxTag audience), as well as a general membership meeting for the Fedora EMEA non-profit group from 6-8pm.
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