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berlin trip report and fudcon information [Apr. 8th, 2009|10:50 am]
[Location |amsterdam, the netherlands]

I spent the first part of this week making a trip to Berlin, where Gerold and I had several meetings, and did some FUDCon Berlin planning. It's going to take me a day or two to dig out from the email hole that I'm in, so please be patient with me. Here's my trip report, and information for FUDCon attendees.

Brief summary

FUDCon Berlin is June 26-28.

If you are coming to to either or both, make sure that you:

* Pre-register for the event.

* Register for hotel.

* Double check the pre-scheduled speaking lineup. If you are listed, provide an abstract, bio, and photo.

* Add to the BarCamp and hackfest sessions.


LinuxTag and FUDCon Brno were the two biggest Fedora-related events in Europe in 2008, and this year we are hoping to maximize efficiency and minimize cost by combining the two events together.

A wise man once told me that he personally visited the location of the Red Hat Summit each year in advance of the actual event. With that in mind, I suggested to Gerold that we make a trip to Berlin in order to meet with the organizers of LinuxTag (with whom we are partnering for the FUDCon space), and to see everything with our own eyes so that we can do a better job of planning and organizing this year's event.

Gerold improved on the idea of further by suggesting that we stay in the same hotel that we will be using for the actual event, giving us a chance to work out those details with the manager.

TODO: Pre-register for FUDCon. This is the only way to guarantee free entry (because a LinuxTag ticket is required, and we will have enough for all pre-registered) as well as a FUDCon tshirt.


The hotel is in a very good location to take advantage of public transportation. From Berlin's Tegel airport, I got in a taxi and was at the hotel in less than ten minutes. The cost of the ride was 10 EUR, plus a small tip. Gerold came from Berlin's Schonefeld airport, and that trip was much longer (maybe 45 minutes).

There seems to be some sort of "conference" option for wireless in the lobby. When we met with the manager on Tuesday morning, we pressed her hard to figure out a way to give us free wireless in the lobby & bar, with the promise that the profits on beer and food would make such an arrangement well worth it. She'll be getting back to us. There is internet in the rooms, but as has been the pattern in Berlin, it is a bit expensive at 20 EUR per day.

The bed was comfortable, the shower was hot, and the breakfast was good. At 80 EUR per night for a double room (including breakfast), this hotel will meet all our needs at a very reasonable price.

TODO: Please register for the hotel, if you need it. We need to submit a list of names and room requirements to the hotel at regular intervals, starting now. Everyone is responsible for the cost of their own hotel room.

Travel to FUDCon and LinuxTag

A 5 minute walk from the hotel brought us to the Rohrdamm metro station, where a day ticket was 6 EUR, and a week ticket was 30 EUR. We took the U7 line for about 7 minutes (in the direction of Rudow), and at the Jungfernheide station we changed to the S42, which was another 5 minutes or so to Messe-Nord. Since the fairgrounds are enormous, it was about a 10 minutes walk to get to the LinuxTag & FUDCon area. My guess is that once everyone buys their tickets, it will take around 30 minutes to get from the hotel to the event.

TODO: Nothing until you get to Berlin.

FUDCon logistics

We have a large building all to ourselves. We are going to need people who are willing to help us get everything prepared early in the LinuxTag week, so that we are all set on Friday. If you are willing to help in this regard, please let me know. In particular, someone who lives in Berlin and can give us a ride to an office supply store on Wednesday or Thursday of the week will be very helpful.

We are working on some catering for FUDCon, and will have more information soon. Hopefully, the same people that provide snacks and drinks at the rest of LinuxTag can set up a little area inside the FUDCon hall.

The FUDCon hall will include free wireless access.

TODO: Get in touch with Max if you want to help.


We're going to try something a little bit different with the BarCamp this year, and have the BarCamp pitches as the final session on Friday night, so that on Saturday morning we can start directly with Paul's keynote and then move immediately into the sessions.

TODO: Double check the pre-scheduled speaking lineup. If you are listed, and there are any problems with your time, please let Max know. Also, please include an abstract, a bio, and a photo.

TODO: Add any other talks or hackfests to the proper BarCamp and hackfest session lists.

FUDPub (social event)

Those of you who attended LinuxTag 2008 will remember the restaurant near the Sevignyplatz train station that we frequented several times. This is the restaurant where the famous phrase "life is not a pony farm" was first spoken by Peter.

In order to pay homage to this fine establishment, Gerold and I went to have a snack there. After a few minutes he looked at me and said "should we rent the entire restaurant for one night?" I said "why not?" and after a bit of discussion with the manager, we will be having our FUDPub there on Friday night, directly following the BarCamp pitches. We'll pre-order a bunch of pizza for everyone, and leave folks to take care of their own drinks.

The evening schedule for the week currently is:

* Tuesday -- Dinner for the folks who are setting up the booth.

* Wednesday -- Open and public membership meeting for the EMEA non-profit, ??? afterward.

* Thursday -- LinuxTag social event (ticket information coming soon).

* Friday -- FUDPub (see above).

* Saturday -- ???

TODO: Nothing until you get to Berlin.