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a remotee at fudcon boston [Jan. 11th, 2009|12:32 pm]
[Location |amsterdam, the netherlands]

I can't give enough thanks to Clint Savage and all the guys who helped to make streaming audio a reality at FUDCon. Thanks to their work, I was able to listen live several sessions yesterday. Along with the active #fudcon IRC channel, blog posts, and wiki updates, I must say that it was pretty easy to get a flavor for the energy of FUDCon even from afar, which only made me miss being there all the more.

It certainly seems like a great FUDCon. I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday, and gets home safely.

From: ext_82911
2009-01-11 01:09 pm (UTC)
A good weekend for the FUDCon, a bad one for the Panthers ;( Seeing them playing last night was horrible...I really wonder how they made it to the playoffs with that performance.

But what I've seen (on the planet) from FUDCon yet looks great :)
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