Max (spevack) wrote,

fudcon brno, day 1

Friday at FUDCon, and the hackfest has been underway for a few hours. We have a Flickr group set up with photos, and somewhere around 70-80 folks at our first hackfest day, with a nice mixture of Red Hat employees, Fedora contributors, Brno locals, and folks from all over Europe. David Cantrell wins this FUDCon's prize for "longest trip to the event". He came from Honolulu, Hawaii -- a whopping 7,561 miles (12,167 kilometers).

We are gathered online in #fudcon on freenode, and we're trying to keep the wiki page fairly well updated with what is happening.

Today's hackfest leaders and subjects are:

* Hans de Goede -- Becoming a Fedora Packager
* Miroslav Suchy -- Spacewalk
* Marek Mahut -- Fedora Astronomy
* Tomeu Vizoso -- Sugar performance and integration on rawhide
* Dimitris Glezos -- Transifex: Packaging, statistics support
* Harald Hoyer, Thomas Woerner, Nils Philippsen -- DBus/PolicyKit privilege separation (config tools)

More updates from me later in the day....
Tags: redhat

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