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fudcon brno, day 0

Greg and I traveled from Amsterdam to Brno today, flying to Prague and then taking the bus down to Brno. Pretty uneventful, though we got ourselves a bit mixed up with the bus schedule. We purchased a ticket leaving from Prague's central bus station at noon, but we *thought* that the ticket's origin was the bus station at Prague's airport. As such, by the time we got to the central bus station, we had long-missed our bus and had to purchase new tickets for a bus leaving at 2:30. No big deal.

We bumped into Cliff Perry, one of our old Red Hat Network compatriots, in the Prague airport. He is spending the week in Brno for other Red Hat business, but he'll be hanging around at FUDCon a bit as well. Also at the Prague airport, we bumped into a flight attendant who works for Delta. She struck up a conversation with Greg when she saw his Carolina Hurricanes t-shirt, since she lives in Chapel Hill. We mentioned that Jim Whitehurst (formerly Delta's COO) is now Red Hat's CEO, and she spoke in glowing terms of him and his tenure at Delta.

Just looking around, Prague seems like an awesome city -- the next time I'm heading to Brno, I'm going to spend an extra few days in Prague and re-enact my favorite scenes from Mission: Impossible.

The bus ride from Brno to Prague was pretty long, but the laptop battery made it most of the way and I had a bunch of emails queued up to send upon arrival. Radek Vokal met Greg and I at the train station, brought us to the hotel, and then dropped us off at the Red Hat office, where we found a room of FUDConners (Dimitris Glezos, Diego Búrigo Zacarão, David Cantrell, Hans de Goede) already hacking. We're waiting for Jeroen van Meeuwen, Jonathan Roberts, and Pawel Sadowski to join us, and then we'll head out for dinner.

My next update will be sometime on Friday, during the first official day of FUDCon.
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