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trying to blog more (and what i've been up to)

With FUDCon coming up, and also with me coming up on the end of my first year working full time on Fedora, I'm going to make an honest effort to blog a bit more. I started this blog when I took my current job with Fedora, and looking back through the archives I don't really post all that often.

I don't really know why -- I guess I just feel like anything truly important that I have to say is better written on the more "formal" Fedora mailing lists than my blog, and so anything that I end up putting on my blog is more "frivolous" in nature.

Be that as it may, I keep a file on my laptop in which I write down each day a sort of general log of what I did. It's occasionally useful to be able to go back through it and get a good idea of the things I was working on a couple of weeks, or even a couple of months ago.

I'm going to start posting some of that stuff here on my blog (hopefully about once a week), so that the Fedora community can have a better idea of what I'm up to. Time will tell whether or not this is useful.

So, some of the stuff I did last week:

+ Started working on a big document that I'm calling the "State of Fedora" and that will eventually be published to the community and also to Red Hat. It will talk about the good and bad of the past year for Fedora, lay out the plans and goals for the coming year, address questions of budget, revenue, engineering goals, non-engineering goals, etc. I expect the document to be mostly community-oriented, but there will also be parts of it that are more important to the corporate side of Red Hat. Anyway, part of putting this thing together involves having some meetings with product development folks within Red Hat. This is an ongoing kind of project that has a timespan of a week or two, and I'll talk more about it another time.

+ We had a Fedora Board meeting with Mark Webbink, who is one of Red Hat's lawyers, in which we discussed Fedora from a legal perspective. I can't really say much more about that in public, since legal is one of the few areas where we can't always have full transparency.

+ There's some common stuff that I do every week. One is keep the statistics page updated on the Fedora wiki, and the other is keep up with the expenditures that Fedora has, the budget stuff, etc. Not exactly the most exciting of tasks, but necessary and mildly time-consuming.

+ I'm heading to FOSDEM at the end of February, and some time was spent finalizing those travel details, and also emailing with the Fedora Ambassadors over in Europe to make sure that the general plan for Fedora's presence at FOSDEM is all set. I really want to give a lot of credit to guys like Gerold, Chitlesh, Joerg, and the others for handling a lot of the details around FOSDEM. I looked into the possibility of having some custom Fedora DVDs made for the event (that said FOSDEM 2007) on them, but I didn't like any of the pricing information that I found, so instead I'm simply going to bring a few boxes with me on the plane.

+ I played around with the alpha version of the installable LiveCD that davidz posted a couple of weeks ago, and this inspired me to write my column for Red Hat Magazine about the Fedora LiveCD .

+ I did an interview with Charlie Babcock of InformationWeek, just talking in general about the last month or two in Fedora-land, and what to expect in Fedora 7. If that's already hit the web, I haven't seen it yet.

+ A bit of "random manager" stuff, well worth it because anything that makes Mike McGrath's transition into Red Hat and time at FUDCon easier is a good thing, and part of a manager's job is to handle the "manager stuff" so that the engineers can actually get stuff done.

+ Various other things not really worth mentioning.

+ Kind of took it easy on Friday and over the weekend, celebrating my birthday. As a random side note, I was in Savannah, Georgia. Nice city. My hotel room was number "1336". Every time I went in the door I thought "I should go downstairs and ask if I can move one room further up the hall". :-)
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