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linuxtag 2008, the rest of the story

LinuxTag was a great success this year, with 11,300 total visitors over 4 days.

Following up on my earlier blog posts, here are the highlights from the latter part of LinuxTag:

I met with Andrea Schneider, who is the director of marketing at Red Hat for Central and Eastern Europe. She and I had about an hour long chat in which we got on the same page about Fedora, community, and how we can optimize the budget that we collectively have for community building activities in Europe.

I'll be in Munich next week for Red Hat's EMEA marketing meetings, and following up with her and her team is one of the topics on the agenda.

Also at LinuxTag, I had a chance to speak for about an hour with Joe Brockmeier, the OpenSuse community manager.

We spoke briefly about zypper, though mostly I just got some information that I need to forward along to Seth. Additionally, I asked Joe about the status of Smolt in OpenSuse, and he indicated that he thought it would ship in 11.1.

We followed up on a few other topics, including the possibility of working together as communities a little bit on packaging guidelines and also on a Transifex plugin for MediaWiki, since both of our communities are now working on that. In the course of that conversation, I also met Vincent Untz of GNOME, who spent a good deal of time talking with Dimitris Glezos.

I have a few follow up items based on the OpenSuse conversation, but hopefully at least one of these "working together" ideas can stick and come to fruition.


The FUDCon day at LinuxTag was really an incredible experience, and I'd like to highlight that for a little bit.

Thibault North gave a wonderful talk about Fedora Electronics Lab, and I'm told that it was one of his first times doing public speaking. I was very impressed.

Yaakov spoke about smolt, and he always does a good job. My talk about Community Architecture went well -- I really enjoy giving it -- and Paul's speech was also very good.

In the afternoon, Francesco Crippa gave a superb talk about Cobbler & Func, with lots of good examples and a very engaged audience. The day was closed by Jeroen van Meeuwen speaking about pungi, livecd-tools, revisor, and various ways to spin and respin Fedora.

We had decent attendance, but I am greedy and always want more people.


Dag Wieers joined us at dinner one night, but he was regrettably at the wrong end of a very long table and I didn't have a chance to speak with him. But as always, props to the CentOS guys for the good work that they do.


LinuxTag overall was a fantastic event. I firmly believe that we had the best booth in the entire show, and our motivated team is already talking about what they want to do *better* next year.

We recruited several new packagers, including folks from Other Prominent Distributions, who indicated that they wanted to begin working in Fedora. The ability to sign CLAs at the booth and get people immediately plugged into Fedora is a really important feature.

It was great to see Chitlesh Goorah, who brought silicon wafers that he had designed using Fedora Electronics Lab and told me some great success stories about FEL's usage at Binghamton University.

We *really* need to get the Developer, FEL, XFCE, etc. spins built for Fedora 9 and publicized.

Finally, a big thank you to Holger Levsen for replacing one of our old OLPCs (it used to belong to Seth) with a bright, shiny, new one. Joerg Simon is the king of the OLPC -- he tirelessly showed off Sugar and the entire machine to folks all day, every day, and with a big, friendly smile on his face.

I'm so proud of our entire Fedora team, especially our Fearless Leader for LinuxTag, Gerold Kassube. Thank you for an excellent LinuxTag 2008.
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