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linuxtag 2008, day 1

I have a bunch of pictures that I have taken, but until I have a chance to upload some of them, you'll have to make do with other attendees' blogs for the visuals, and just let my words paint the picture for you.

LinuxTag is a crescendo -- the number of people here grows each day, culminating with Friday and Saturday and massive seas of people. Conveniently, our mini-FUDCon of sessions is on Friday, which gives us maximum exposure.

Why did we get the best day for talks, and also the best booth location? Because the LinuxTag Steering Committee was so impressed with the showing that we had last year -- an army of ambassadors dressed in blue, excellent speakers, and a very professional booth -- that they stuck us in the front of the line this year. All of the credit for this goes to our LinuxTag organizing team, which includes both Fedora contributors and a few Red Hatters from Germany.

When I left off last night, we were just sitting down for the Fedora Ambassador Day, which was a relatively short meeting (because everyone was hungry from setting up the booth). I spoke a little bit about our goals of globalizing our community building -- the standard Community Architecture pitch that Greg and I have been giving for the last few months -- and specifically around how it relates to what we are trying to do in EMEA.

We went over the basic Rules of the Fedora Booth. We run a tight ship here in Germany -- no shoes, no sandals, no t-shirts. Fedora polo shirts and pants are the dress code. Also no laptops for personal use at the booth. Our booth is arranged very strategically. To either side, we have the two biggest crowding places -- those who want to see a demo of one of our two OLPCs, and those who want to speak for a few minutes with the Red Hat HR representative who is here.

In the middle of the booth we have several laptops which are demoing different spins of Fedora, Ambassadors roving around to answer questions, etc. Also off to the side is the USB flash drive kiosk, which Jeroen van Meeuwen and Marco Ziesing were working on earlier today. It's running a codebase developed by a couple of our contributors in Italy, and brought to us by Francesco Crippa.

Speaking of Italians -- I also had a chance to meet Luca Foppiano, who is a developer working on (among other things) Func. Francesco will be giving a talk on Friday about Func and Cobbler, and Luca will be hanging around for it also.

What else? I bumped into Joe Brockmeier of OpenSuse, who told me that I need to go by his booth and check out a new app called Zipper, which they are using in their distro in the place of yum. Until he mentioned it, I hadn't heard about it at all, but I'll wander over tomorrow and see what he's talking about.

I spoke for a while with Yaakov, and I think the plans for his summer internship are coming into place very nicely. He'll be getting a lot of work done in the Fedora Infrastructure world, and I'm also going to try to get him an opportunity to shadow one of Red Hat's Sales Engineers, err, Solutions Architects, around for a few days if possible.

Finally, on the Red Hat side, I had a chance to meet Lennart Poettering of Pulse Audio fame, who had some complimentary things to say about Fedora as the best distro (in his opinion) for FOSS developers.

Finally, a very interesting talk over dinner last night with a couple of Red Hatters from Germany, in which we discussed some of the work that is going to have to be done internally in terms of Fedora->RHEL symbiosis as we start churning away on Fedora 10, in order to leave Fedora in the best possible shape for the eventual RHEL 6 branch. Two of the topics that came up were NetworkManager and Upstart.

I'll stop here, because rumor has it that Mr. Frields is preparing a massive blog post, and I don't want people to stop reading about LinuxTag with 3 days still to come.

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