Max (spevack) wrote,

tidbits from linuxtag 2008, day 1

Holger Levsen is giving a talk in German about the OLPC, but the word "Fedora" was easily understood, when he was talking about the software that runs the machine.

I am no longer the only Dumb-American-Who-Either-Is-Or-Has-Been-the-Fedora-Project-Leader to fry an electronic device with the voltage differences.

We had a very interesting conversation over breakfast about the differences in wine and beer making in Europe and America.

A booth near us is occupied by FlightGear, an open source flight simulator. They are based on Fedora 8. Paul and I were chatting with their developers, and they offered to let us jump to the front of the line, once they are up and running with their four-monitor cockpit setup.

I am in search of a printer and fax machine to finish up the Community Architecture expenses for Q1.
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