Max (spevack) wrote,

linuxtag 2008, day 0

I'm sitting in the midst of the Fedora booth here at LinuxTag 2008. Gerold, our lead organizer, has secured us the *best* booth in the entire exhibition hall. The Fedora logo (approximately 3 feet in diameter) will be the first thing that every person who walks through LinuxTag's front doors will see.

Looking around the booth right now, I see about 15 folks, with several new faces of European ambassadors who have joined the project since I was here last year. We have our Fedora Live USB kiosk set up, and we're also in the process of setting up a local mirror of Fedora 9.

I've also had one embarassing moment, in which I told Harald Hoyer that it was good to finally meet him, and he mentioned that we actually had already met each other briefly last year, but with so many new faces in the span of just a few days, he understood that I couldn't map every name and face back together instantly.

Time to finish up the booth preparations, then I think we'll all go find some food and participate in the Fedora Ambassador Day, a meeting of all our contributors, volunteers, and ambassadors in which we will discuss all the LinuxTag details and begin discussing the plans for Fedora in Europe overall.

More updates tomorrow.
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