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following up on spot's post [Jan. 25th, 2008|05:34 pm]
[Location |raleigh, nc]

Congrats to Tom on his new role. He's been one of the guys I have always relied on for advice and wisdom within Fedora, and I'm glad he'll be spending 100% of his time on Fedora as we move on.

Obviously, I'm very excited about Paul as the Fedora Project Leader as well, and with John as the Feature Wrangler and Bill as our sort of Technical Lead/Overlord, I think the technical side of Fedora is in excellent shape.

On the community building side, Greg, Jack, and I have submitted a proposal for a sort of "Community Architecture" team within Red Hat -- something that will allow all three of us to devote ourselves entirely to the community and force multiplying efforts that are so key to Fedora.

So I think that is where you will continue to see our names pop up -- encouraging Jack to develop his leadership and community building skills while Greg and I continue to help out wherever is needed, tend to the Fedora community, and also to Red Hat's community relationships in general.

A more precise division of labors will hopefully be sorted out soon, and when it is, I plan to be able to tell the Fedora community exactly what I will be doing for the next year or so. Right now things are all in a budget/review kind of phase.