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While Paul will be taking over for me as the Fedora Project Leader in February, I will still be involved in Fedora. I am going to be spending a lot of time over the next month or two helping Paul transition into the job, especially during the several-week period that we are in right now when Paul is still finishing up his old job and before he joins Red Hat.

So I am not going anywhere -- I will still be answering emails that I get related to Fedora, following the general Fedora happenings, and working (as always) behind the scenes in Red Hat to make sure that Fedora is getting the support it needs. In fact, there are a couple of things that I want to work on (especially related to the way Fedora's budget is determined and managed) that will be done entirely behind the closed doors of Red Hat, but the results of which will hopefully make Paul's life a little bit easier down the road.

A lot of people have asked me "are you still working at Red Hat?" and the answer is yes. Tomorrow is Monday, and I am heading to the office for a day just like any other. I will be working on slowly transitioning my responsibilities over to Paul throughout January and much of February, I imagine.

ALSO... a big thank you to everyone who came to FUDCon this weekend. It was the best FUDCon yet, in terms of both attendance and progress made. There is no doubt in my mind that overall, Fedora continues to move in the right direction.
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