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drawing conclusions is left as an exercise to the reader

Fedora 8 statistics, gathered on 2007-12-09.
    (Uses written by Toshio Kuratomi.)

Total SRPM (source RPM) packages in Fedora 8 is 5059.

3033 (60%) are maintained solely by non-RH developers.
1453 (29%) are maintained solely by RH developers.
 569 (11%) are co-maintained by both RH and non-RH developers.
   4 ( 0%) are orphaned, and are in need of a maintainer.

The total number of non-RH maintainers is 276.
The total number of RH maintainers is 202.

Ignoring the co-maintained and orphaned packages:
    3033 / 276 = 11.0 packages per non-RH maintainer.
    1453 / 202 =  7.2 packages per RH maintainer.
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