Max (spevack) wrote,

fedora 8 video

Our buddies over at Red Hat Magazine have posted a video that talks about custom spins and Fedora on USB keys. Other than the fact that I think I look a little bit cross-eyed, I am very happy with it. Kudos to Red Hat's video production team, especially Colby Hoke.

Fedora 8 includes a variety of spins -- GNOME and KDE desktops, a developer spin, a games spin, and an electronic lab spin. All of these are Live images, which means you can run them directly off of the CD or a USB key, and install to your hard disk with a simple double-click.

We also include a standard DVD that is installable and allows you to customize your package set at install time, and the Fedora Unity project has released an installable CD set for Fedora 8.

Everything is available from these two links:

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