Max (spevack) wrote,

can't say enough good things about fedora infrastructure

I believe that our Fedora Infrastructure team is one of the best production operations, system administration, and networking groups anywhere. I have written about it before, but they keep finding new ways to impress me.

Murphy's Law dictated that we would be struck with a really unlucky (and almost unpredictable) hardware failure on the same day as the release, and our Infrastructure team kept us going with a bare minimum of downtime, and with the team lead about to head out on his honeymoon.

I was sitting in #fedora-admin (our sysadmin channel on IRC) and #fedora (the general chatter channel on IRC) and the infrastructure guys did such a good job, that most of the people in the main Fedora channel never even realized that there were any technical difficulties.

We've got some incredibly dedicated Red Hat folks (Mike McGrath, Seth Vidal, Toshio Kuratomi) along with community stars like Matt Domsch (who makes all our Dell machines work and wrote our mirror manager) and Dennis Gilmore (koji superstar and newest OLPC employee).

And to anyone whose name I forgot after a long release day, I'm sorry. Thank you all. You know who you are.
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