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lesser-known fedora contributors, part 5

The fifth installment of this series focuses on Chitlesh Goorah, a member of our European Fedora community who I have had the pleasure of spending a few days with. Chitlesh is a post-graduate student in France studying Very Complicated Electronics.

Chitlesh has been contributing to Fedora for at least 3 years now, probably even more than that. He was here before I was, that's for sure. Early on I knew him as one of the guys who worked on Kadischi, which is the very first attempt at a Fedora Live CD codebase. And it was successful -- people used it, and Live CDs were produced. In many ways, I think that Kadischi served as the inspiration point for the current generation of Fedora LiveCDs, and also was one of the areas that the Fedora Unity project became involved in. So it laid the groundwork for a lot of good stuff.

In the Fedora 8 timeframe, Chitlesh is the man behind the Fedora Electronics Lab, one of the new custom spins that is being released with Fedora 8. Not only did he have the initial vision for the Fedora Electronics Lab, but he also maintains many of the packages that differentiate that spin from the more generic version of Fedora.

Finally, I must add that Chitlesh is a big part of the European Fedora Ambassadors community. He is a smart engineer and he also has natrual leadership qualities. I heard Chitlesh deliver a talk about the Fedora Project at FOSDEM this past year, and it was very good.

Chitlesh Goorah, (no longer a) lesser-know Fedora contributor!
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