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lesser-known fedora contributors, part 2

Part the second of my lesser-known Fedora contributors series focuses on a guy who has been active in the free software world for a while now, but has really burst on the Fedora scene recently. Today we focus on Jonathan Roberts.

Most of Jon's contributions come as a writer -- he is particularly active in the Fedora News and the Fedora Documentation communities. In the Fedora 8 cycle, he has done a few things that have been tremendously helpful to me directly.

The first is his work on the Fedora 8 Release Summary. The release summary is basically the Fedora community's "press release", written by a group of volunteers and meant to be a reasonably brief overview of "what is cool in the new distribution". For the last few releases, Rahul Sundaram and I have done a lot of the work on the Release Summary. This time, Jonathan stepped in (without needing to be asked) and took up the load with Rahul, and the two of them really were the main driving force behind that page. And a good thing too, because I've started the "interviews about Fedora 8 with various press folks" portion of the release, and the Release Summary has been read by all of them, and it really helps the flow of the conversations that we have -- they already have the basic understanding of the release, and we can talk about things at a deeper level than usual.

The other big contribution that Jonathan has made during this release cycle is his series of interviews leading up to the Fedora 8 release. He has covered bluetooth, the online desktop, the artwork community, the Fedora Electronics Lab spin, and other topics. I think these are great -- they help to demonstrate that the Fedora Project is a very diverse community of developers, volunteers, and creative types.

Jonathan Roberts, (no longer a) lesser-known Fedora contributor!
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