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lesser-known fedora contributors, part 1

Because this is the Release Week for Fedora 8, I'm going to be putting up a series (meaning however many I have time to write up) of blog posts about Fedora contributors who do lots of cool stuff, but whose contributions seem to fly a bit under the radar. I won't even come close to getting to everyone, and I apologize in advance for that, but I hope to do at least 3 of these, and maybe as many as 5 or 6.

Without further ado, part 1: Fedora's Brazilian community and Red Hat's video production team.

Red Hat Magazine recently posted a video of the Fedora Ambassadors in Brazil at FISL.

The video has a bunch of folks talking about what it is like to participate in a free software community that is global in scope.

I must say, I have always been very impressed with our Brazilian Fedora community. They have created their own website, and they have always been very good about getting a lot of value out of the relatively small amount of money that we are able to send their way.

In particular, I would like to thank Rodrigo Padula and David Barzilay.

Finally, a big thank you should go out to Red Hat's video production team. They are most famous for the Truth Happens video, but they have done a wide variety of Fedora-related videos as well. So Tim, Colby, Kristin, Mike, Kim, and others -- thank you!

The Brazilian Ambassadors team and the Video Production team: (no longer) lesser-known Fedora contributors!
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