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fedora summit, day 0.5 - max spevack's blog [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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fedora summit, day 0.5 [Nov. 12th, 2006|11:39 pm]
[Location |westford, ma]

A quick post before I head to bed.

Bill Nottingham, Greg DeKoenigsberg, and I made it up to Manchester, where we met up with Rex Dieter, who flew in from Omaha for our Fedora Summit. The four of us headed into Cambridge, where we met up with several other folks for dinner.

In total, there were 10 of us -- the four just named, plus Dave Jones, Jesse Keating, Jeremy Katz, Chris Blizzard, Warren Togami, and Jack Aboutboul. We talked (at a high level) about some of the topics that we're going to dig into much deeper over the next few days, including:

* Lowering (and eliminating when possible) barriers to entry into Fedora contributions, which leads directly into conversations about distributed version control, but on a less technical level just getting a better understanding of the nature of contributions that people are making to Fedora, and how we can do a better job of receiving and acting on those contributions. This topic alone can carry an entire day's worth of discussion, especially as you dig into the numerous technical issues (example: support for multiple arches) that crop up as you answer this question more and more specifically.

* The (pending) GPL of Java from Sun, the legal vetting of that, and its inclusion into Fedora.

* The "Fedora Standard Base" idea, which is not a new one (but which has some legs again), and how that can be the basis for everything else we want to do in the "merging of Core and Extras" space.

Join us tomorrow (Monday) in #fedora-summit on freenode, where we'll have some periodic updates about what we're talking about, and some status will be sent out to various Fedora lists and blogs on Monday night.

We're starting at 10:00 Monday morning, and the first order of business will be to spend an hour or so taking the agenda topics on the Fedora Summit wiki page and coming up with a much more specific topic list, so that we can focus our energies a bit and also bring in other people on the phone as needed.

We'll only have probably one or two people in #fedora-summit at a time, but those people will give reasonably real time (read: couple times per hour) updates. We'll also be taking extensive notes, and photographs of any interesting white board conversation that comes up.

Ok, I'm off to do a little more prep, and also get some sleep. Talk to you all tomorrow. Are these updates useful so far?

From: (Anonymous)
2006-11-13 10:39 am (UTC)

Borrowed place names

Manchester, Cambridge ...

Especially confusing for someone (like me) who lives in England.

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