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ohio linux fest, and a little piece of fud

We had a great day at Ohio Linux Fest. Jeff did a superb job as the point person for the booth, and it was great to see a bunch of Fedora folks in attendance.

Karlie gave a really interesting talk about how FOSS developers pay their bills, and apparently her kids had a good time playing with Seth's OLPC.

I was happy with the way my keynote speech went, and I received compliments from lots of people throughout the day. Drew Curtis of Fark was hilarious, and Bradley Kuhn's closing keynote was excellent. I'm glad he had the afternoon slot though -- I would not have enjoyed having to spend all day worried about giving my speech. Better to go first and be done with it. :)

There are at least two video recordings of my speech, one on a camcorder in my suitcase and one on a camcorder belonging to Friend of Fedora and fellow Raleigh-area resident Matt Frye. Assuming that one of them is of good enough quality to post, I will do so. I would enjoy having the larger Fedora community be able to see it.

Finally, I just wanted to send a quick hello out to Nayyar, who never made it to the show. Nayyar, I don't know exactly what the issues you had with your visa were, but I hope they weren't because of anything that we (meaning Red Hat) failed to do in the letter that we sent, etc. I'm sorry you didn't make it to the show. It would have been great to see you again (and there were quite a few people who told me they were interested in hearing your talk).


In other news, someone emailed me a link to an "article" written by a guy who, in his bio, tells people that he is a member of the Microsoft Featured Communities, whatever that is. I don't want to re-link to it and help its Google ranking, but he (a) refers to me as "Maxie", (b) calls me a "mouthpiece of the Fedora Project", and (c) calls the larger free software community a group of "Freetards" which is clearly offensive (both to the free software community and to anyone who knows a disabled person). Then the "article" closes with a link to the Microsoft Vista Subnet. Again, whatever that is.

It's kind of amusing to be swatted at by a guy on a website that claims to be the "independent voice of Microsoft customers".

The best part, of course, is the single comment in response to the article that can be summarized as follows: "Max is right and you are wrong".
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