Max (spevack) wrote,

either succeed spectacularly or fail miserably

Either it's last minute panic or it's an amazing bolt of clarity, but I've been working all night on what I think is a vastly superior speech than what I initially planned for Ohio Linux Fest. Of course, this has to happen 30 hours before I get up on stage, but that's just the Way Things Are.

Anyway, I'll be getting on the plane with two speeches prepared, and I suppose I can make a game time decision.

Ironically, a similar thing happened at FUDCon this past year, and that one turned out pretty well.

I hope they have video of this because (regardless of how it turns out) I think that the Fedora community at large would enjoy hearing the speech. Plus I don't want to spend my entire Christmas hearing from my mom about how there's no video of it for her to watch. :)
Tags: redhat
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