Max (spevack) wrote,

barnes and noble

I was wandering through Barnes & Noble a few minutes ago. I stopped in the computer section and flipped through the 3 different books they had with "Fedora 7" in the title.

All those Linux books (about whatever distro) tend to share a lot of material (just like all the distros do), but I was pretty happy with the Fedora-specific text that was in the three books.

Jesse Keating and Paul Frields were both mentioned in acknowledgement sections. A pat on the back to both of them -- it's probably pretty cool to be able to walk into a bookstore, pick something off the shelf, and see your name in it.

Also some big kudos to all the dedicated folks on the Fedora Marketing email list and the Fedora Advisory Board, both of which were also credited in one of the acknowledgements sections.

And obviously, thank you to the authors and publishers.
Tags: redhat
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