January 31st, 2011


fosdem 2011 talks that i'd like to attend

I haven't written my FUDCon Tempe trip report yet, but I'm heading to Brussels tomorrow, so here is a list of the FOSDEM 2011 talks that I'm hoping to attend:

Jared Smith - Swimming Upstream: How Distributions Help Open Source Communities - Organizational responsibilities prevented me from listening to Jared's talk at FUDCon last week, so I want to make sure I hear his talk in Brussels.

Hans de Goede - A presentation of SPICE an opensource remote virtual desktop protocol - Hans is another of my Red Hat co-workers, and his talk is a subject about which I have much to learn.

Eben Moglen - Why Political Liberty Depends on Software Freedom More Than Ever - I heard Eben Moglen speak at the Red Hat Summit several years ago, and he was a fantastic speaker with a great message.

Lennart Poettering - systemd: Beyond init - systemd has been a big topic in Fedora recently, and I'm interested to hear Lennart talk about its current status.

Michael Meeks - Liberating Open Office Development

Dave Neary - Community Anti-patterns