December 11th, 2007


fudcon hotel information

Those of you who are not local to Raleigh, and who are staying for not just FUDCon itself but also the hackfest, need a hotel. We are using the Holiday Inn Brownstone.

They are setting up a group code for us, that will allow people to go in and book their rooms starting either later today or tomorrow. So you don't need to call them or anything like that -- just wait for further instructions about how to reserve your room online.

All the rooms have wireless internet, and the hotel has free parking. It is about a 1/2 mile walk to a bunch of restaurants and bars on Glenwood Avenue, and depending on which part of NC State Campus our actual meeting spaces are located at, it is either walking distance or a short drive.

We're going to have a block of about 20 rooms available, all double rooms. It looks like there are three room options that people will have -- a "standard" room for $89 per night, an "executive" room for $109, or a "junior suite" for $129.

I told them that most people will be checking in on Thursday and checking out on Sunday.

Hopefully this will allow people to coordinate roommates and transportation. Once you get to the hotel, getting to varoius places should be pretty easy. Getting from the airport to the hotel will require a taxi, bus, or car. There's not much we can do about that. The airport in Raleigh is in a somewhat remote location from the main areas that we need to be for FUDCon.

Stay tuned for more information --