December 4th, 2007



Some of you may find this hard to believe, but I majored in Computer Science when I was in college and there was a time in my life when I actually wrote a decent amount of code. Not so much in the past few years, as my Fedora job tends to be a couple of levels removed from actual engineering work.

I miss it a lot. Over the weekend I spent a few hours dusting off my C skills, remembering how to write a Makefile, and implementing a couple of random utilities that will be useful from time to time. I could have found code to do all this stuff somewhere on the internet, but the point wasn't to write something that had never been done before, but rather just to knock off some rust.

As an interesting side note, I am now reasonably familiar with the Argp argument parsing library, which is something I'd never used before. It worked, but it was definitely more complicated than something like optparse in Python.

It was fun to get lost in code for a few hours. I'd like to do it more often.