October 30th, 2007


fedora 8 -- help with the final quality assurance checks

We want Fedora 8 to make an excellent first impression on everyone who uses it.

In order to do that, there are three features that need to be Rock Solid and Just Work.

(1) Installation off of the LiveCD or LiveUSB to hard disk.

(2) Using yum to install, remove, and update software.

(3) Network Manager.

I know that we have a pretty good community of people who are running Rawhide, and who should be able to give us feedback on these three features, on all variety of hardware. In most cases, things should be working fine. But we want to do as complete a QA job as possible in these areas.

So please, if you have the opportunity, try this stuff out in the next 24 hours. Then let fedora-test-list know how things are going, and if there are bugs that need to be fixed, we can address them.