October 29th, 2007


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Please excuse the mild namedropping that follows. Greg and I had a lunch meeting today with Jamie Boyle, one of the founding Board members of Creative Commons. In addition to mentioning how awesome Luis is a few times, the main purpose of the conversation was to gin up the beginnings of what will eventually become a Plan for Red Hat Management, along the lines of "if you want them, here are some opportunities for Red Hat to help Creative Commons further its mission, and in so doing, also be of some benefit to Red Hat and the Fedora Project".

I want to share two comments that Jamie made that I found amusing:

The first, on the topic of lawyers (of which he is one), I paraphrase: "Among other things, it is the job of the legal team to inform you of catastrophic risks that have an almost infinitely small chance of coming to pass."

The second, again paraphrasing: "On any law school examination, the right answer to a question is almost always whatever gives the client maximum control and maximum options. That is why it is sometimes difficult for lawyers who come in contact with open source and free culture ideas to understand why the client would want to *give up* control."