October 17th, 2007


stay in school, mmmkay?

I enjoyed reading Jono Bacon's tale of how he got into the free software world but I couldn't help but feel like the 14 year old kid who wrote to Jono asking whether or not he should drop out of school to become a "well known open source guy and community hero" didn't really get a straight answer to his question.

So here's my totally unsolicited advice:

Unless someone is offering you tens of millions of dollars in a guaranteed contract (gotta have the guarantee) to play professional sports, STAY IN SCHOOL. You are 14. Finish high school. Go to college. Fiddle with free software in your spare time. Your enthusiasm is admirable -- start building your personal brand in the free software world now, and by the time you're 22 and ready for a full-time job, you won't have any difficulty getting one.

That said, are there any general managers out there looking to give a 27 year old computer nerd a shot at playing goalie in the NHL? I'll need some skating lessons, too.

netcraft confirms it -- ubuntu is dying?

December 28, 2006 -- Mark Shuttleworth says "We know now that there are probably at least 8 million [Ubuntu] users."

October 17, 2007 -- Mark Shuttleworth says Ubuntu has "in excess of 6 million users."

I have a follow up question, Mr. Shuttleworth. How did you manage to lose about 2 million users in less than 10 months? What does that mean for the future of Canonical and the funding that you provide to Ubuntu? Or were your numbers then, and now, simply made up? How many users do you actually have? Your inconsistent tales to reporters detract from the good work that the Ubuntu community guys like Jono and others are doing.

At least Fedora makes a good-faith attempt at statistical transparency.