September 4th, 2007


playing with turbogears

I've been playing around with TurboGears a bit lately, in an attempt to prove to myself that I haven't forgotten everything that I once knew about actually writing code, deploying an application (in this case a web application), etc.

So far, I've pretty much only created the Hello World of web applications:

(1) a general front page that any user can view

(2) integration of the third party registration module, which allows for a really basic, web-based account system to be tied to the application. Do any of the TurboGears experts out there know of a more best-practices way to do this? I was surprised that this functionality wasn't in the stock TurboGears install.

(3) a protected page that requires authentication in order to view.

I know that isn't much, but it feels good to actually BUILD something, even if it's quite trivial.