August 13th, 2007


virtual fud con -- q&a with fedora board

A big, public thank you to Jef Spaleta for being the organizational force behind this week's Virtual FUDCon.

I'm here to advertise for one session in particular -- the Q&A with the members of the Fedora Board.

We'll be holding this session tomorrow (Tuesday August 14th) in #fudcon on Freenode. We will begin at 5:00 PM eastern time and go for about an hour.

We'll take whatever questions are posed to us, about any topic related to Fedora -- technical, non-technical, decision-making, etc. Questions will be answered by whoever are the most appropriate Board members for each, depending on subject matter.

Depending on how much we get through, and how many questions are left over that we don't get to, I will possibly do a second Q&A session with just myself later in the week to make sure that everyone who has something to say gets a chance.

Hope to see a good turnout.