June 1st, 2007


red hat training discounts for the fedora community


Brief summary of the link: As a way of saying congrats on the Fedora 7 release, Red Hat's training folks are offering sizeable discounts (between 20-25%) to anyone with a fedoraproject.org email address. Also, anyone is is simply a Fedora user can get a discount of between 5-25%, depending on what geo you live in.

Check it out if you're interested, if you are already someone who takes RH training classes, or if you know anyone who is a Fedora user/contributor who might be interested.

numbers, for what they are worth

You can all see for yourselves what sort of uptick Smolt is getting.

Taking a quick look at bittorrent as we come up on 24 hours post-release:

Live CD (Gnome, x86 and x86_64) -- about 3,600 downloads
Live CD (KDE, x86 and x86_64) -- about 2,000 downloads

Fedora 7 (i386) -- about 7,700 downloads
Fedora 7 (x86_64) -- about 2,600 downloads
Fedora 7 (ppc) -- about 200 downloads

That's a total of about 16,000 downloads (via bittorrent only) in about 21 hours. Not too shabby.

linux tag, day 3

Mike McGrath and I got a demonstration of the OpenSuse build system, and we showed them Koji and just sort of compared notes a little bit.

Someone came by the booth who works in a software company that wants to fully deploy Koji as their build system. We gave them a demonstration and pointed them to where they could get more information.

Jan Wildeboer gave a talk on the Red Hat Business model that we went to. His talk was entirely in German, but he passed it over to me for a few minutes of English about Fedora.

I had a chance to sit down and talk to Jono Bacon (Ubuntu's community manager) for about 45 minutes. We chatted about a few different Fedora/Ubuntu topics -- community management challenges, development process, long-term releases and support models, just to name a few. He thought the whole jacket-buying scheme was very funny.

We're about to be tossed out of the conference hall and head back to our hostel. We'll continue the "Fedora Ambassador Day" tonight, and hopefully go to bed early.

As Jono said when I asked him how he's feeling: "I'm *expletive removed* shattered."