May 17th, 2007



Bill Nottingham and I are two Fedora folks who are "regulars" on the Red Hat soccer team. Bill is a forward with a cannon shot that leaves opposing goalies running for their lives. I am our team's goalie. Bill nearly took my head off during warm ups, in fact. :-)

Anyway, last night our team won the league championship for the first time with a 2-1 victory in sudden death overtime. Quite an exciting final match.

f7 firstboot and eula

In an attempt to have some transparency and no surprises, I've sent an email to Fedora Advisory Board that details some of the changes we've made to firstboot and the EULA in Fedora 7. My personal opinion is that the changes are good for Fedora, and also relatively innocuous.

I thought I'd cross-post here just so that people can read it and comment if necessary. Fedora Advisory Board is an open list. Anyone can subscribe, and anyone who is subscribed can post without being moderated.