May 8th, 2007


red hat summit 2007, day 0

I'm going to blog as often as I can during the Red Hat Summit:

My goals for the trip:

(1) Use it as a chance to start getting the Fedora 7 message out as much as possible. To that end, on the plane I finished up a document about Fedora that I'm going to post to fedora-announce-list, my blog, internal Red Hat mailing lists, etc. My hope is that it will trickle into some of the "internet linux news" people too, and that as people look at and use Fedora 7, this document will provide them with a big picture frame of reference.

It also serves as an excuse for me to practice putting into words the goals that we've all been working on for so many months, since I'll be doing a few in-person media interviews at the RH Summit as well, and Fedora 7 will certainly be a topic.

(2) Catch up with some of the Fedora folks who I don't often get to see. I try to not micromanage as a leader, and I try to not interfere with people's day to day work. But it's useful to sit down face to face with folks every now and again, and be able to work through in a day or two some topics or issues that would otherwise take a week or more via email or IRC.

I'm writing this up from the plane. Once I get to San Diego, I'm going to get into my hotel room, get some food, post this, send out a few other emails, etc.

Things really start in earnest on Wednesday morning.