April 9th, 2007


this week

My main priorities for the week:

+ Quality and Testing -- last week I went through the GNOME LiveCD and sent an email to live-cd-list with all of the things that I had concerns about. I'll be doing that with the KDE LiveCD at some point this week, I hope. My biggest worry about Fedora 7 at this point is the details -- overall the distro is coming together, but I believe that we've still got a lot of rough spots on the edges that need to be a lot more smooth by the time we release.

+ Codec Buddy -- finalizing this as much as possible, and figuring out how we're going to ship it. I take full responsibility for the lateness of this feature, and right now we have to do two things. (1) Get the code in a finalized state and (2) Figure out if it's still possible to get it into the main distro, or if the CodecBuddy use case is going to have to begin with "install package $FOO onto your system". I think we can get a good user experience either way, but we have processes, and any execptions to them have to be for good reason.

+ LiveDVD for the Red Hat Summit. Jeremy, Greg, myself, and some of our Brand guys are putting the final details on this together this week. We hope to have a GOLD image by Friday.

+ Remaining branding questions. All the other branding questions around Fedora 7. Our Brand team is all in an off-site meeting on Monday and Tuesday, but I've asked the leaders of that group to make some time on Wednesday. Maybe we'll just call it Fedora Prime, maybe someone will have a name that the Board likes better. We'll see.