February 11th, 2007


what i've been up to

So my goal of blogging more has definitely been holding up so far. Time for another edition of "what's Max been up to lately?"


Getting things in order for the Red Hat Summit. There are going to be four talks at the Red Hat Summit this year.

1) Max Spevack -- general Fedora Q&A, roadmap, why Fedora is important and cool, etc. Everyone who shows up at the RH Summit will get a Fedora 7 DVD when they check in.

2) Mike McGrath -- talking about Fedora Infrastructure, and what he's learned/observed while doing sysadmin work for both big enterprises and also OSS projects like Fedora. If you want more details, ask him.

3) Bob Jensen (and Jesse Keating) -- Pungi, Fedora Unity, and how community contributors can do really cool work in Fedora. If you want more details, ask them!

4) David Zeuthen -- Pilgrim and LiveCD. If you want more details, ask him.


A big portion of my time in the last couple of weeks has been spent on FUDCon. Greg and I flew up to Boston on the Wednesday prior to the event, and came back to Raleigh just in time for kickoff of the Super Bowl. What sort of stuff did I do surrounding FUDCon?

+ Met and talked with a lot of Fedora folks who I'd never seen IRL.

+ Thought about and delivered my "Fedora State of the Union" which went pretty well. Hoping to get video of all of FUDCon up pretty soon.

+ Helped Greg with a lot of administrative/organizational stuff. Basically paying for stuff and keeping track of accounting.

+ Gave a FUDCon tshirt to a police officer who had been sent to "guard" the event.

+ Fedora Board meeting.


+ The process of getting another full time Fedora req opened up has led to a larger discussion of what Fedora needs for the next year in terms of budget, and how Fedora's organizational structure should be set up. This is all pretty internal to Red Hat stuff, but just wanted to let folks know what's going on. This is still an ongoing topic.

+ General one-off stuff like sending swag out to a few folks, dealing with a few random (but important) emails that I've received, switching from xchat to irssi, etc.

+ Mike McGrath was in Raleigh this past week, so we had a lot of conversations about Fedora Infrastructure, along with standard "first week at a new job" kind of stuff.

+ Lisa Hoover's story on Fedora Metrics was posted on Slashdot, and I spent some time participating in the discussion there. My karma is now "excellent". I guess I'll put that in my annual performance review. :-P

+ Chatted with our legal team about some Fedora legal things. I won't be going to jail this week!


1) I want to personally do a couple of package reviews for the Core/Extras merge.

2) I want to make sure that Red Hat engineers who are busy with RHEL5 GA are all aware of what's going to be needed for the F7 merge, and while I don't expect to see a lot happen there until after RHEL5 goes out, I want to at least give everyone another heads up.

3) I want to get a coherent message together about Fedora 7 and the respin/pungi work. It's the best part of Fedora 7, and I want to make sure that as I (and others) talk about it, we are all coming from sort of the same place.

That's about all for now. This is the second time I wrote this post. My battery in my laptop died about 10 seconds before I hit "post" the first time. Rawhide's battery monitor doesn't seem to be working, and I wasn't paying attention. Sigh...