February 8th, 2007


adventures with rss

I have a love/hate relationship with RSS clients.

I've been through the Firefox plugins and I've tried liferea. Fine software, but I am a console guy who still uses Pine (now Alpine, though it's still in alpha and is a bit too buggy) for his email, and so none of those tools got me where I wanted to be.

Like lots of other folks, I ended up using Google Reader for a while. Google Reader is slick, for sure. But even with that, my email and my RSS were still separate, so I have to switch from app to app, and while I respect the software that Google has produced, I'd rather use an open-source alternative if I can find one.

So I went searching again for a bit tonight.

This was a useful page that I found -- http://www.newsonfeeds.com/faq/aggregators

There were a couple of programs that caught my eye:

The first was Raggle, which had some very nice looking screenshots, and I probably would have given it a try, had I not noticed Newspipe, which is pretty much exactly the program that I was looking for.

It takes my OPML file, downloads the feeds, parses them into email, and hands it to my local sendmail service, which then pushes it through procmail where it gets filtered appropriately along with the rest of my email. There's a bunch of customizing that you can do as well, that I'm going to play around with a bit over the weekend. The code hasn't been updated for a while though, but I sent an email off to the maintainer inquiring about its current status.

My exact use case, solved. Thank you Newspipe!

UPDATE 2007-04-04 -- Thorsten packaged up rss2email for Fedora. This program basically does the same thing as Newspipe, but I have given rss2email a try, and I like it better. So now I'm using that.