February 2nd, 2007


fudcon, starting soon...

So FUDCon doesn't even officially start for another half hour (at 9:00 AM), but there's already probably close to 50 people milling around at our venue here at Boston University.

We've got a great looking banner, Fedora DVDs, and most importantly, coffee.

The back wall of the venue is being turned into a giant schedule for the day's sessions, constructed entirely out of blue painter's tape.

It's shaping up to be a good day. We'll start pitching the sessions at about 9:00, in standard BarCamp format.

Infinite thanks to Boston University for their support of FUDCon these last three years. They really make it easy for us -- all we have to do is basically show up, all the rooms and general infrastructure are taken care of.

fudcon, underway...

The second round of sessions is starting.... I'm sitting in Jesse Keating's talk "Release Engineering is Sexy".

The first round of talks included:

+ Mugshot
+ Single sign on and Fedora
+ Fedora documentation toolchain
+ Secondary arches on Fedora

Talks in the second round include:

+ Fedora release engineering
+ Fedora kernel -- general talk and kernel modules
+ Lowering the barrier for new contributors to get involved (Fedora account system)
+ Fedora 7's KDE spin

fudcon, lunchtime...

Lunch break right now -- we're starting up again in a few minutes, with the following afternoon sessions:

Group 1

+ Fedora 7, and everything you might want to know
+ Education, and K12LTSP
+ LiveCD discussion

Group 2

+ KVM and other virtualization stuff

Group 3

+ SELinux modules
+ GPG keysigning "party"
+ Fedora QA
+ Fedora on the Pepper Pad
+ Fedora Server Spin
+ Extras packages for RHEL