Max (spevack) wrote,

you're with me, leather

So Greg mentioned to me the other day that Jono Bacon was selling his leather jacket on Ebay.

For those of you who don't know him, Jono Bacon is the Community Manager for Ubuntu/Canonical. He has placed his jacket up for auction in order to raise money for a project that he is working on to record a complete album in 24 hours, that will be released under Creative Commons.

The Fedora Project loves Creative Commons and also loves music. Why not, we thought, support this endeavor by bidding on Jono's jacket? We're all part of the same freedom-loving cause, after all.

So after a brief negotiation, Greg and I decided to pool our meager resources and entered a partnership in which we each would each control a 50% share of Jono's jacket. We then proceeded to Ebay and sealed the deal.

Which brings us to the point of this blog post.

We're looking for someone with the skills and artistic ability to airbrush the Fedora logo onto the back of this sucker, or do something cool with it that we aren't even thinking of.

What should we do with our new jacket?
Tags: redhat
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