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this week in fedora [Jun. 9th, 2006|02:41 am]
[Location |raleigh, nc]

When I got back from the Summit last weekend, I resolved to myself to make sure that I, and the Fedora Project Board, kept up the energy and momentum that we gained in Nashville, and translated that into a strong work week, setting us up for a lot of good Fedora progress this summer.

Here's a little bit of what's been churning this week:

The Board had a good meeting, the summary of which is online. Stay tuned for a more complete summary of the work going on regarding version control (Warren Togami is leading this effort, and is going to be involving the community as soon as we're ready to put a first draft of requirements and thoughts out there, to bootstrap the discussion.

If I had to put a timeframe on it today, I'd say we are looking at 2 more FUDCons this calendar year. We'd like to do one in Brazil, and planning on that will probably start within the next two weeks. The second one will probably end up being somewhere in North America, only because Greg and I want to use it as an experimentation of different ways to run a FUDCon (perhaps a code sprint component, for example).

We bought a couple of the x86 "mactel" boxes. No promises in the fc6-test1 timeframe, but Jeremy Katz and Jesse Keating are tinkering. :-)

The Fedora Unity guys released a fc5 respin, which can save people a bunch of download time if you're doing a fresh install.

We've got a readonly copy of the fedora-advisory-board email list set up, and I encourage everyone to sign up for it. We've been very deliberate in conducting the Board's business in the open and transparently as much as we possibly can, and this is an easier way to be involved and offer input than having to read through the archives on the web.

[User Picture]From: merlinthp
2006-06-09 09:52 pm (UTC)
Thanks for sorting out the mailing list, much appreciated :)
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