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fedora regional support budget summary

At the end of July, we'll be 5 months (42%) of the way through the fiscal year, which begins each March 1. I thought it would be useful to compare this year's spending to last year's, so that our regional Ambassador teams (as well as FAmSCo in an oversight role) can do some informed planning.

By region, here was our spending last year:

* NA - 48% (plus a FUDCon)
* EMEA - 29% (plus a FUDCon)
* India/APAC - 16%
* LATAM - 7% (plus a FUDCon)

This year, our Fedora regional support budget is about the same as least year's, but we are quite a bit ahead of pace in our spending. As I said, at the end of July we will be 42% of the way through the year, but we've already spent just under 68% of our budget. All the people who have responsibility and accountability for Fedora's regional spending will have to be careful in the second half of the year, and provide enough oversight to make sure that events stay on budget, and that budgets are clearly set in advance.

What do our regional percentages look like? The breakdown is similar to last year, though NA is down a few points and LATAM is up a few points. Also, this year each region of the world will also have a FUDCon this year.

As of July 15:

* NA - 44%
* EMEA - 30%
* India/APAC - 14%
* LATAM - 12%

In summary, our total regional support spending last year and this year is budgeted to be about the same. Our pace of spending in the past 6 months has really grown, and as a community we have to be careful about getting back on pace, while still providing our worldwide contributors with the support that they need in events, swag, and regional leadership.
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