Max (spevack) wrote,

southeast linux fest, day 2

Saturday at SELF was a pretty standard conference day of talks and hallway chats. Paul wrote some nice words about my talk.

The abstract for my talk was:

Close to 100,000 computer-related degrees are awarded each year in the USA. How many of those students are begininng their careers with any experience working in real projects, or with open source best practices? How do we grow that number? This talk discusses the intersection of The Open Source Way (TOSW) and educators and educational institutions, including the growth of the Teaching Open Source (TOS) community and the Professors' Open Source Summer Experience (POSSE) program.

And here are a few of my notes:

* Why does Red Hat care about education?
* How does Red Hat's education strategy parallel its engineering (Fedora -> RHEL) strategy? How does it differ?
* Audience discussion: are students beginning their engineering careers with any experience working in real projects?
* Talk about The Open Source Way as a set of concepts and theory --> how to build communities, how to influence communities.
* We put that theory into practice in communities like Fedora and Teaching Open Source.
* Key blocker for getting students involved in real world projects is mentoring, on-boarding, and setting folks up for success.
* Learn by doing, and learn while doing. Age and credentials don't have to matter on the internet, and discuss examples from Fedora. Also talk about how high school and university students have served as teachers and technical gurus at POSSEs, teaching university professors about things like git, packaging, etc.
* The digital abundance of the internet means that everyone can be a teacher, and everyone can access training and educational materials.
* The internet is the mechanism, and TOSW is the methodology.
* Talk more about POSSE and its evolution.

Southeast Linux Fest was a great weekend -- it was a nice morale boost to see some Fedora contributors and Red Hatters who I don't often spend time with face to face, and I believe it is critically important that Red Hat support its regional hometown conference.
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